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The Falcons Integralis learning community is a small group of innovative teachers dedicated to making learning meaningful for students and homeschoolers. Our offerings include

Tutoring and Academic Support

If your child struggles with school or if you struggle with hometeaching certain subjects, a tutor can help! Whether you are local or at a distance, we can craft an enriching learning experience that your child will enjoy.

Homeschool Consulting for Families and Co-ops

Homeschooling can be overwhelming. So can maintaining a community. There is no need to tackle it alone! As homeschool professionals and program founders, Integralis teachers bring a wealth of resources to the homeschool experience, whether you are operating alone or as a group.

Online Discussion-Based Classes

Some learning needs groups, and we can learn a lot from peers in other places. These student-centered courses bring learners from multiple locations together in one online space to build their reading, writing, problem solving, artistic, and math/science skills through multilayered questions like “What is learning?” “Is math logical?” and “Why does my neighborhood look the way it does today?” Collaborative discussions allow students to learn from one another’s experiences, and the online format builds healthy 21st-century communication skills from the standpoint that technology is a tool, not a destination.

For more information, email us at integraliseducation@gmail.com.

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